Delighted to share with you my review for From The Shadows by G R Halliday.

Thank you to Mia Quibell-Smith at Vintage Books for my copy of the book and spot on the blog tour.


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Seven days. Four deaths. One chance to catch a killer.

Sixteen-year-old Robert arrives home late. Without a word to his dad, he goes up to his bedroom. Robert is never seen alive again.

A body is soon found on the coast of the Scottish Highlands. Detective Inspector Monica Kennedy is drawn into the murder investigation and she has a feeling that the case won’t begin and end with this one death.

Meanwhile, Inverness-based social worker Michael Bach is worried about one of his clients whose last correspondence was a single ambiguous text message; Nichol Morgan has been missing for seven days.

As Monica is faced with catching a murderer who has been meticulously watching and waiting, Michael keeps searching for Nichol, desperate to find him before the killer claims another victim.

From the Shadows introduces DI Monica Kennedy, an unforgettable new series lead, perfect for fans of Ann Cleeves’s Vera, Susie Steiner and Peter May.




Sixteen year old Robert goes missing from home one night. His body is found. He has been assaulted, murdered and left in a remote location posed as if praying to the skies.  DI Monica Kennedy and her team are put in charge of the case.  Soon other deaths are being investigated.

Along side this we meet Michael, a social worker who has reported one of his clients as missing.  Feeling that he has let the young man down by not answering an earlier call, Michael is determined to find him.

Both our protagonists appear to have secrets and regrets from their pasts and these are used to great effect to add even more to the dark and moody feel to the whole of the book.  Along with the remote and rugged setting this really is a book to curl up with.

I liked both the main characters very much.  Yes Monica has her issues like a lot of fictional detectives that make her a bit stand offish, but I felt she was a character that I would want to find out more about in following books.  Michael is an endearing character that plays as much of a part in the solving of the case as the police do and I thought the two ‘investigations’ worked well along side each other.

The story line is dark with some unpleasant scenes in places but not overly so and I really enjoyed the way the landscape, wet weather and remoteness were used within the story. I found it well written with lots of detail and an interesting new police procedural to try.  I look forward to meeting up with Monica again next month in the second novel, Dark Waters, which I will be reviewing on July 9th.


From the Shadows is published by Vintage Books and is out now, with Dark Waters, the second book in this new series, coming July 16th.