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Today is publication day for The Duchess by Wendy Holden ‘The second in the bestselling historical fiction series about ‘difficult women’ in the House of Windsor casts an unprecedented and sympathetic light on the story of Edward and Wallis Simpson.’

I’m delighted to post my review after receiving my wonderful early copy of the book plus hosting a giveaway for you to be able to win a copy too.



Love can change the course of history…

Arriving in 1928, Wallis was a divorced, penniless, middle-aged foreigner with average looks and no connections. Yet, just eight years later, a king renounced his throne for her.

How did a woman from nowhere capture the heart of the world’s most glamorous bachelor? Wendy Holden tells the amazing story…


Having read and thoroughly enjoyed the author’s previous book The Governess, I was thrilled to receive a copy of her next book in the series of women in the House of Windsor. This new book looks at Wallis Simpson. The American divorcee who went onto marry Edward VIII, causing him to abdicate from the throne.

Again Wendy Holden does a fantastic job of combining fact and fiction to produce yet another enjoyable and engaging read.

Divorced from her alcoholic and abusive first husband, we meet Wallis as she has recently moved to England with her second husband Ernest Simpson. A kind man but one with a very different personality and future outlook to Wallis she becomes desperate to find the kind of life she craves.

Using friends of her sister-in-law and other acquaintances at first to fill her days and make life a little less boring, she finds herself in the orbit of David, Prince of Wales, the future Edward VIII King of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions Beyond the Seas, Emperor of India.

The book is divided between the ‘present’ when Wallis returns to England for the funeral of her late husband and their meeting, romance and the build up to the Duke’s abdication.

It was not only very interesting to read more of a point of view of Wallis but also to see Edward portrayed as a rather lonely individual.

Wendy Holden does yet again a marvellous job of writing a fictional take on a true life story and again as in The Governess, one which has been much talked about and publicised over the years. I loved how the book gave a real feel to the time with Wallis’s passion for style and interior design and the inclusion of famous names. I knew nothing about David’s beloved Fort Belvedere and loved reading of the parties and dinners held there and found the moments leading up to the funeral moving.

Hugh thanks once again to the publishers Welbeck for both my copies of The Governess and The Duchess and I under the third book titled The Princess is about Princess Diana which I’m sure will be much anticipated.

As mentioned the publishers have kindly offered me a copy of The Duchess to give away, so do please check out my Instagram page for this.

7 thoughts on “#bookreview #giveaway #newrelease THE DUCHESS by WENDY HOLDEN @Wendy_Holden @welbeckpublish @CBGBooks #TheDuchess

  1. With all due respect, I balk at the idea of anyone trying to put a sympathetic light on this Hitler-loving, anti-Semitic woman, and her equally racist husband. If he had been allowed to stay King with her at his side, WWII might have ended even worse than it did for the Jews, and for the UK, for that matter.


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