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CROSS EXAMINATION: It’s my stop on the side of the defence today to appear on the blog tour for Alex Churchill’s new release, The Night Lawyer, and I am delighted to present to you the case as it stands!


Sophie Angel is the night lawyer. Once a week, she’s the one who decides what the papers can and can’t say.
During the day, she’s a barrister. She struggles for justice in a system that’s close to collapse, where she confronts the most dangerous aspects of humanity.
Her life changes when a wealthy Russian offers her the biggest case of her career, a rape trial with a seemingly innocent client.
But is someone manipulating Sophie from the shadows? With her marriage under strain and haunted by nightmares from the past, Sophie must find the answer to these questions before it’s too late.
This is a story about betrayal, trust, guilt and innocence, played out from the courtrooms of London to the darkest corners of Soviet era Moscow.




The Night Lawyer is a well written story about our main character Sophie Angel.  A barrister working on a number of tough cases she is also a Night Lawyer for one of the large papers.  Working in the offices of the paper after work, once a week, she gives them guidance on what they can and can’t publish.

We also learn that Sophie was born in Russia, having a Russian father and British mother.  With flashbacks and snippets from Sophie’s memories we find out that the family fled Russia quiet quickly when Sophie was only 3 or 4 years old.  With a strong sense that something bad had happened concerning her family at this time.  We learn more about Sophie’s private life, her husband Theo, her parents, elderly and living now for some years in England and get a strong sense that things are not all that they seem.

The story follows the cases she is currently working on and her nights at the newspaper which has recently acquired new owners.  One of which is Russian and appears keen to get to know Sophie.  I loved the way her work at the paper is described. The aggressive and ‘cut and thrust’ nature of the work, which we associate with a papers newsroom is vivid and the characters well rounded.

One of her present cases is that of a young man accused of rape and not only are we shown the emotional side of the story but the author does a fantastic job of explaining the way the law works, the affects newspapers and social media have on cases currently not yet finalised and also about the consequences of a charge made to an innocent person, even when they are found not guilt.   It refers to true statistics and the pressures courts and the police are currently under which I found very interesting.  There is also a wonderful historical reference to the history behind the gowns barristers wear in court.

The story moves at a good pace allowing the reader to digest all that is going on in Sophie’s life and lays out the details like evidence, waiting for you to piece them together. With the opening chapter giving you a more than a large glimpse of danger I couldn’t wait to see how it all turns out.

A great courtroom drama full of interesting research, well rounded characters and suspense.

Thank you so much to Lizzie of Red Door Books for my copy of the book and my spot on the tour.

The Night Lawyer is out now in both paperback and EBook from all good booksellers.

You can also purchase a copy of the book here: where Red Door Press are offering free shipping on all UK purchases of the book, plus they will donate £1 of every purchase to the NHS.

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