The Sideman by Caro Ramsay

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Blog Tour for Caro Ramsay’s new book The Sideman. Published by Black Thorn Books on May 7th 2020.


It’s my stop on the blog tour today and I am delighted to share with you an extract from the book.  Thanks to Amber from Midas Public Relations for my place on the tour.

Sideman - jacket


Inside a beautiful Victorian family home in Glasgow, a mother and her young son are found brutally murdered. DI Costello is furious and knows exactly who did it: George Haggerty, the husband and father. The only problem is that Haggerty has a cast-iron alibi – the police themselves caught him speeding at the time of the murders. But Costello can’t let it go. Determined to expose Haggerty as a ruthless killer, she’s gone solo.

DCI Colin Anderson has no time to ponder his partner of twenty years going rogue, as his own cases are piling up. But Costello’s absence becomes increasingly worrying. Has she completely disappeared following the tracks of a dangerous man?





She looked back at the gates, closed now to keep the media away from the ‘Monkey House of Horror’. What secrets had been obscured by the monkey puzzle tree that had grown large in the front garden, hiding the windows from prying eyes? Costello had only to wait twenty minutes before she saw some movement through the bare branches of the beech hedge. She had been following George Haggerty for a couple of weeks; she knew his routine. He would be going north to see his father in Port MacDuff now. She slid down further in her seat as the garage door opened, the gates swinging wide, the white Volvo rolling out majestically to park on the street. The driver’s door opened and Haggerty, casually dressed for him in jeans and anorak, got out and walked back up the driveway, his shoes making no noise or indent on the gravel. True to his routine, he re-emerged a couple of minutes later, locked the gates closed behind him and walked briskly back to the car where he stopped and turned. He looked straight at Costello and smiled, clapped his hands together slowly twice, and climbed into the car. Clap clap. He drove away, without looking back. George Haggerty was getting away with murder. He was getting away with two million pounds in life insurance. But Costello was going to stop him, even if it killed her. Or him. She smiled, turning the key in the ignition of the Fiat. Preferably him.
The Anderson house was quiet on a Saturday afternoon. All week it had been like Glasgow Central on Fair Friday, but everybody was out today. Colin Anderson had the whole house to himself. He was lying on the sofa, nursing a large Merlot and two sore feet after helping Brenda make an early start on the Christmas shopping. He was musing at the wine, as it swirled round the contours of the glass, admiring the patterns it left in the light of the wood-burning stove. His grandchild, Baby Moses, was asleep in his basket at Anderson’s feet, an unexpected joy. The son of Mary Jane, a daughter Anderson never knew existed until she existed no more; murdered. Moses was a new member of the family, while Nesbit, the fat Staffie, was a constant fixture, curled up on the sofa, ears tucked in so he didn’t hear the rain battering against the windows. American Beauty played on the DVD, with the volume too low to hear. It was almost perfect yet Anderson was not at peace. He was still digesting the news that his partner for twenty years had resigned. Costello was gone. No notice. No chat. No goodbyes.



Caro Hi-res Colour 2 - coffee shop



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