The Traitor by V S Alexander

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The Traitor by V S Alexander is published today in EBook with paperback to follow in June.

Thanks to One More Chapter and NetGalley for a copy of this EBook.


The Traitor


Set in Germany during WWII and based around true events, The Traitor takes it’s inspiration from The White Rose.  A Resistance group led by a group of students from The University of Munich.  In this fictitious tale we meet our main protagonist Natalya as she decides to join the group.  The story is one of courage and survival..

A difficult and harrowing read at times it really highlights what people went through.

I hadn’t heard of The White Rose and this book does a great job of blending fact and fiction as we read of how Natalya joins the group and her work of helping write and distribute anonymous leaflets, hiding them in public places or sending them to random addresses, denouncing the Nazi Regime.

A very dangerous game to play but Natalya is a young woman of strong principals and is willing to take this high risk.

A great story of who you can or can not trust, if anyone at all, and of courage and fear.  Some good characterisation too.  If you like historical fiction, particularly set in WWII, I would recommend this book.


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