The Curious Case Of Maggie Macbeth by Stacey Murray

the curious case


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Sometimes you have to take the law into your own hands…

After losing her high-powered job in Hong Kong, forty-something widow and lawyer, Maggie Macbeth, turns up on the doorstep of her old sidekick, Cath, in the sleepy Peak District village of Archdale. A fish out of water, Maggie comes into conflict with everyone and everything – especially Cath’s awful friend, Tiggy – and rock bottom is just around the corner. But it turns out Maggie isn’t the only one in trouble. When a crisis hits the local community, Maggie has a choice: to give up on life, or go back to her legal roots and fight for justice. But can she save the day as well as herself?

This laugh-out loud debut novel shows that no battle is too big when you’ve got friends on your side.



We meet Maggie Macbeth, returning home to the UK after losing a high-flying job in Hong Kong, its been over 10 years since she’s lived in the UK.

Not having a great relationship with her mother, Maggie decides to call on an old friend from Uni, to ask for a place to stay until she sorts out somewhere to live.

Her friend Cath is more than happy to help.  Recently suffering the affects of a cheating husband, who has moved out, she is looking forward to a bit of company.  However, Cath lives in a very small and remote village in the Peak District, not the kind of place Maggie is used to.  She soon finds it too quiet, too remote and managers to clash with nearly every villager she meets.  Cath soon finds that her new lodger is upsetting the apple cart of the respectable life she has carved out for herself and as days become weeks and with Maggie’s mood on a serious downturn coupled with a serious lack of help with the household chores, we start to see friction between the two old friends.

As Maggie and Cath reach a decision point on what to do next, a crisis in the village involving perhaps the one person Maggie has managed to get along with, calls on Maggie’s background as a lawyer and as she starts to find a way to help, villagers start to see her in a different light.  At the same time with the occurrence of a crisis more close to home, Maggie might even be beginning to think she may belong among these folk after all.

Written with great warmth and sprinkled throughout with humour this is a sweet tale of friendship, companionship and learning how to get along together.  As Maggie begins to learn that not everyone’s life has been plain sailing, including her own, she starts to understand that the quiet life suits them just fine. Could this also be true for Maggie?

With a great little twist at the end this is a feel good story just in time for spring and new beginnings!


The curious Case of Maggie Macbeth is out now!

Thank you to Lizzie at RedDoor Books for my copy of the book.

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