Conviction by Denise Mina

Blog Tour for Conviction by Denise Mina.

Published by Vintage Books February 20th 2020.




It’s my stop on the blog tour today and I am delighted to share with you my review.  Thanks to Hope of Vintage Books for my spot on the tour.


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It’s just a normal morning when Anna’s husband announces that he’s leaving her for her best friend and taking their two daughters with him.

With her safe, comfortable world shattered, Anna distracts herself with someone else’s story: a true-crime podcast. That is until she recognises the name of one of the victims and becomes convinced that only she knows what really happened.

With nothing left to lose, she throws herself into investigating the case. But little does she know, Anna’s past and present lives are about to collide, sending everything she has worked so hard to achieve into freefall.


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This story is so much more than the blurb on the back of the book!  I’ve not read anything by this author before, and after reading the description sent to me by Vintage I thought it sounded very interesting, but wow, this was so much more of an adventure than I expected!

One morning, as Anna sits in her plush kitchen, in her big house, sipping coffee and listening to a true crime podcast, there is a knock at the door.  On answering it she finds her friend Estelle standing there.  At the top of the stairs stands her husband Hamish, dressed and suitcase packed!  Estelle hasn’t called for Anna, but for her husband and 2 children!!

I love a book that starts with a pop! Indeed the pace of this novel doesn’t stop.

Shocked and in pieces, Anna sits in the hallway not really understanding what has just happened.  With the podcast still playing she hears the name Leon Parker, a name Anna knows from her life before she meet her husband.  A life she has done everything to try and lose.  What follows is a mad and dangerous ‘adventure’ across Scotland, France and Italy delving Anna, and Estelle’s husband Fin, into Anna’s past and also that of the crime on the pod cast.

A great page turner, this was a fast paced thriller full of danger, corrupt business deals, money and evil people. I really enjoyed how the structure of the book, part narrated by Anna, part episodes from the podcast, brought the two stories together, revealing twists and threads that kept me engaged and eager to read where on earth Anna was going to go next!  The pace rarely slows as these two unlikely characters turn detective unearthing not only the true happenings behind the crime but at the same time revealing details of Anna’s past.

You don’t get to know the characters that deeply, but I found that I was OK with that.  This is a whirlwind paced finale to all that has happened up to this point and hopefully about to be put to rest, once and for all.

If you like your thrillers full of pace, action and twists, you should definitely give this a go.

Conviction is out now!


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