SHE by HC Warner


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Delighted to share my review today of SHE by HC WARNER. Published by Sphere on January 23rd 2020.




She’s everything he dreamed of.  Isn’t she?

Ben can’t believe his luck when Bella walks into his life, just when he needs her most. Sexy, impulsive and intelligent, Bella is everything he ever wanted. And Bella wants him. All to herself.

In fact, Bella decides that everything is better when it is just the two of them, making it harder for Ben’s friends and family to stay in touch. And then a sudden tragedy triggers a chain of events which throws Ben headlong into a nightmare.





A little difficult to review this novel without giving away any spoilers but I will give it a go!

Ben has recently been dumped by his long term girlfriend of twelve years.  He is confused and upset. One night whilst in the pub with a friend his attention is drawn to a woman, sitting at a table alone.  She is stunning and what’s more she is looking his way.

Ben is mesmerised. He walks over to her and sits down to introduce himself. From now on, she barely leaves his side.

That’s all I’m going to say in regards to the plot. Intrigued??  This book is a great fast paced, quick and enjoyable read.  It really sucks you in as the element of tension is there right from the very start. We first learn of the events of the next few months from Ben. His shock of his girlfriend’s sudden departure and of his new world wind romance with Bella.  A lot is crammed in to these first 129 pages and this only adds to the pace and tension, making it ‘unputdownable’. I really needed to know what was going to happen next and the ending of this first part of the narrative really took me by surprise only making me want to read on.

We next hear from Bella, and this I thought was a very clever take on a two person narrative. I won’t give the trick away but buy the book and find out. A nice touch.

The story goes back in time as we hear of how Bella came to be in the bar that night.  There is an element of going back over the story in this part of the book, which felt a little repetitive, but it doesn’t last long and we are soon back to the roller coaster ride of this immersive domestic noir.  I thought Bella’s story was a great new twist to the usual domestic thriller novel and felt it had been well thought out by the author.

I enjoyed the other characters in the book and the trips out to Ben’s parents house in Suffolk, which all gave the book a well rounded feel, adding interest to the scenario. I haven’t read any other books by this author before and understand that this is her first novel which branches out into something of a much darker nature than usual. If that is the case then I’m looking forward to her doing so again.

Thank you to the publisher HQ for a proof copy of this book.  It is released this week!


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