NOTHING TO HIDE by James Oswald

Blog Tour for James Oswald’s new book Nothing To Hide.  Published November 14th 2019 by Wildfire Books.

Nothing To Hide BT Poster

It’s my stop on the blog tour today and I am delighted to share with you all my review. Thank you to Anne Cater of Random Things Through My Letterbox for a stop on the tour, and to Jenni Leech of Headline for a copy of the book.

Nothing To Hide Cover

**********BOOK DESCRIPTION**********

Suspended from duty after her last case ended in the high-profile arrest of one of Britain’s wealthiest men, DC Constance Fairchild is trying to stay away from the limelight. Fate has other ideas . . .

Coming home to her London flat, Constance stumbles across a young man, bloodied, mutilated and barely alive. She calls it in and is quickly thrown into the middle of a nationwide investigation . . . It seems that the victim is just the latest in a string of similar ritualistic attacks.

No matter that she is off-duty, no matter that there are those in the Met who would gladly see the back of her, Con can’t shake her innate determination to bring the monsters responsible for this brutality to justice.

Trouble always seems to find her, and even if she has nothing to hide, perhaps she has everything to lose . . .


**********MY THOUGHTS**********

Constance Fairchild is the usual misfit plainclothes detective, but for an unusual reason, not that she is a woman in a man’s world but that she is upper class woman in a working class man’s world. She’s also just taken down a police-run protection racket. She is for many of her colleagues persona non grata.

Nothing to Hide is a first-person police procedural; Constance’s (Con) investigations are hampered by her being on suspension and that this isn’t even her case; she’s drawn in by finding one of the victims. The story of how Con came to be a police officer, her background and her new life as a minor celebrity / person of interest to tabloids from her last case, which, like her career is still under review, all intertwine to move the story along at a good pace.

Con is a little difficult to like, but that comes with the territory in this kind of story, she is always fighting her corner. You spend all of the story with her, which is refreshing, and you definitely find enough to be rooting for her as things get tough. The remaining cast of characters are well drawn as Con sets out to impress her prospective new boss and his superior to secure a job while developing new allegiances. There are enough coincidences of characters knowing each other and turning up in unexpected places to keep the plot twisting. References and introductions to characters from the Inspector McLean series are interesting; we meet old friends and develop some of these characters without this being a distraction to those reading this as a standalone.

The displacement of classes, the incongruous appearance of the occult and ritual mutilation on the poor streets of the UK, alongside the travails of tabloid celebrity all add an additional, problems of the modern world dimension, to the story and are all used well as the story moves from London to Edinburgh via the rural family home, family weddings and funerals.

Nothing To Hide is published by Wildfire in paperback today!!  It is the second book in The Constance Fairchild series with No Time To Cry being the first.

Thanks to Anne Cater for a spot on the tour and to the publishers for my advance copy of the book.

**********THE AUTHOR**********

James Oswald Author PicJames Oswald is the author of the Sunday Times bestselling Inspector McLean series of detective mysteries, as well as the new DC Constance Fairchild series.  James’s first two, Natural Causes and The Book of Souls were both short-listed for the prestigious CWA Debut Dagger Award.

James farms Highland cows and Romney sheep by day, writes disturbing fiction by night.


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