Moments by Daphne Denley

Book Review


Like many of us, Daphne Denley is a fully signed-up apprentice of mid-life mayhem. She is a mother trying to adjust to her daughter’s grown up tastes. And she is a loving wife who has had her life turned upside down by her husband’s devastating diagnosis.

This collection of poems is an autobiography in verse. In turns heartfelt, familiar and beautifully observed, Daphne explores each of life’s Moments – and in the process shows us how, even in the worst of times, hope can return in the end.

My Thoughts

This is a first for me, having not reviewed a book of poetry before, but when I saw this beautiful slim collection of poems on offer to reviewers I immediately requested a copy.  Slim it may be but is actually packed with no less than 55 poems, wonderfully covering an array of human emotions very personal to the author herself.

The book is very autobiographical and there is a preface explaining how the author came about writing and publishing this book of verse.  It is very much worth reading this first as it explains a lot about the poems within.

There is something for everyone in this collection as it covers a wide range of topics that I feel a lot of women will relate to.  Friendship, family, stress, motherhood and getting older are just some.

One of my favourites was Past,Present,Future. As someone fast approaching 50 and with the thought that this time next year I will have both children living away from home I found this very resonating.  Time seems to go so quickly, years being ticked off faster and faster.

I also enjoyed the poem Apple!  So true!  I remember some years ago posting on Facebook that the tangerine inside my son’s lunchbox was eligible for a good attendance award as it had been back and forth for so long!

It is hard to imagine what the author and her family have been through but the poems on thoughts of death, on illness and getting older are extremely raw and powerful.  Equally so the more everyday topics are written down with such heartfelt simplicity they can not help but bring a tear to the eye.

This was a gorgeous book, both inside and out, and I would recommend you check it out!

Many thanks to Crumps Barn Studio for sending me my copy.



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