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Stasiland by Rolf Richardson

  • Format:Kindle Edition
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  • Publisher:Matador (11 Mar. 2019)


BLURB After a messy divorce, Ed Blake is trying to forget the past by spending the summer driving around Europe in his silver Porsche. He gets no further than a small town on the river Elbe when he is arrested for a crime he did not commit.

Although in what is now a united Germany, this is the former Communist East, once ruled by the feared secret police, the Stasi. This is Stasiland. The past has not gone away, Germany’s political tectonic plates are shifting, maybe heading for the sort of chaos last seen in the 1930s. Ed finds himself pulled into a whirlpool of violence as right-wing extremism starts to shake the foundations of Europe.

This is a novel about here and now. What happened to Ed Blake could happen to you.

My Thoughts

Ed Blake is at a certain time of life, successful in business, newly divorced and now taking some time for himself to aimlessly tour Europe eastwards in his prized Porsche.

This is a political thriller with more recent changes in Europe, particularly those related to the migration crisis of the mid-2010s and the emergence of parties on the political right, as a backdrop.

Ed gets drawn into a story of political intrigue as he is touring along the Elbe, meeting a man who he then finds dead as Ed continues his sightseeing with a river cruise. Initially Ed is a suspect, although it never feels there is much jeopardy and very quickly he becomes the police’s secret weapon as he unravels the intrigue of the man’s life and politics.

While the investigation continues Ed is called to countries further East and exposed to the politics at the border of Europe, he patiently travels by Porsche, following antagonists and tracking clues. While there is plenty of slow-built tension, there is also some humour, Ed has an open character and easily ingratiates himself with those affected and those who help as he is drawn deeper. Unwilling at the start, by the end he is effectively held captive by his own involvement in the lives of others as the tension and threat to himself and those around him rises.

An interesting political thriller that’s not too dark and that managers to include some humour and lighthearted moments. We are drawn into the company of an aimless foreign tourist, himself drawn into intrigue and trying to make sense of a changing Europe.



Rolf Richardson Author Picture

ROLF RICHARDSON is a mongrel English/Norwegian who loves to travel, starting with service in the RAF, flying Britain’s first jet fighter, the Meteor; thereafter 25 years as a British Airways pilot on Argonauts, Britannias, VC10s and 747s.

He then became a roaming photographer, visiting around 110 countries, with over 15,000 photos now sold. He has worked his passage on cruise ships by giving lectures. Taken 3 months to drive round Australia.

A few years ago he set out to put his experiences to further use by writing a series of ‘Easy Read’ books: thrillers with a dash of history, romance and humour.

Thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things Through my Letterbox for the invite to the blog tour and to her and the publishers for my advance copy.



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