When I Lost You by Merilyn Davies Blog Tour!

Delighted to take part in today’s blog tour for When I Lost You.


Book Description:

When a young couple are the lead suspects for the murder of their only child, Crime Analyst Carla Brown and DS Nell Jackson are assigned to investigate.

The evidence seems conclusive, but something just doesn’t feel right.

The case is quickly cast into doubt when the lead forensic pathologist starts receiving threatening letters – containing details only the police should know.

Who’s sending them? What do they want? And how did they get hold of the information?

As Carla and Nell dig deeper, it soon becomes clear that this case isn’t the first of its kind.

They must stop at nothing to find the truth – even if it hits close to home.


My Thoughts:

It’s great when you find a new author you’ve enjoyed, and in Merilyn Davies I’ve done just that.  Thanks to Rachel Kennedy for a copy of When I Lost You as I thoroughly enjoyed it.  A great page turner.  Quick, short chapters add to what is a great read full of suspense and ultimately a shocker of a story dealing with really hard hitting topics but which is done so with great sensitivity.

The story moves back and forth between two time lines.  Present day where we meet a group of colleagues working in the Oxford police force dealing with the sudden death of a baby and 35 years ago where we read of two girls meeting at a children’s home in Portsmouth.

The book is filled with wonderful characters who really stand out on the page with their down to earth and realistic personalities which makes the story line very believable.  They are introduced well at the start of the book allowing the reader to really get to know them and connecting with them throughout.  The setting isn’t the Oxford we necessary see on TV and an opening line in chapter one from DC Paul Mackintosh is fantastic!

The story has great suspense and build up to forthcoming chapters, blending the two time lines together effectively and without confusion.  I’ve read a few police procedurals this year and this new duo of DS Nell Jackson and crime analyst Carla Brown is one I will look forward to reading more of.


WHEN I LOST YOU is out NOW on ebook and is currently on a kindle deal of just 99p.  Paperback publication will follow on August 22nd.


Meet The Author:

Merilyn Davies Author photo Hi-Res Colour


Merilyn Davies is a former Crime Analyst with the Metropolitan Police who worked as part of the violent and hate crime unit for eight years.  She was inspired to write about strong women working in the police force thenks to the incredible wpmen she encountered on the force, and was fascinated to explore the relationship between civilians working in the force and police offiers, drawing on her own experiences being married to a serving MET officer.  She decided to set her debut thriller in her home city of Oxford, but the action all takes place away from the dreamy spires in parts tourists don’t stop at.  She studied Sociology at university and is fascinated with the manner in which society leads people down criminal paths.  She was co-founder of the Chipping Norton Literary Festival and now works for Oxford City Council.  Follow Merilyn on Twitter @nellbelleandme  #WhenILostYou


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