WWW Wednesday! 26th June 2019

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

The three W’s are:
What did you recently finish reading?
What are you currently reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


Another week!  Last week seemed to go past in a flash but I still managed to get some reading done. Here’s my list for this week!  What have you been reading?


What have I recently finished reading?

Something to live for by Richard Roper

something to live for

Sometimes you have to risk everything to find your something…

All Andrew wants is to be normal. He has the perfect wife and 2.4 children waiting at home for him after a long day. At least, that’s what he’s told people.

The truth is, his life isn’t exactly as people think and his little white lie is about to catch up with him.

Because in all Andrew’s efforts to fit in, he’s forgotten one important thing: how to really live. And maybe, it’s about time for him to start.

I enjoyed this.  There is an underlying sadness to the book but yet I found it an uplifting read.  Had me chuckling throughout.  Review to follow on the blog shortly.

What am I reading now?

I am currently reading 2 books.

  1. The second half of The Whisper Network by Chandler Baker I started this a few days ago and realised that it was at a place where I could leave it, go off and read a quick read like the one above, then come back.  The first half has set the scene and introduced the characters so now I will hopefully find out what happened!!
  2. The Familiars by Stacey Halls.  I’m reading this with some other book bloggers.  13 chapters this week and 13 chapters next week.  We will discuss at the end of each week.  I have had this on my shelf for some time so it’s nice to finally get around to it.


What I’m reading next.


Amanda leads a fairly uneventful life as a teacher. The most she has to worry about is staff room politics and petty quarrels among pupils and colleagues. But everything changes as she wins a million in a TV show!

Amanda decides to change her life and take a luxury cruise, no expense spared. Expecting a carefree life of luxury aboard the Belgravia she’s surprised to find that events are rapidly spiraling out of control. Her fellow passengers are not as they seem and all of a sudden a passenger goes missing – was it murder?

To make things worse, Amanda is drawn to two men – but whom can she trust and… whom to choose? Any error of judgement could be fatal as Amanda realizes that her own life could be in danger.

Death on the Ocean by Martha Fischer  I’m on the blog tour for this at the beginning of July organised by Anne Cater of Random Things Through my Letterbox.


See you next week!

Sarah x


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