Book Shopping in London

On Saturday the lovely 3 men in my life took me off to London to do a spot of bookshop browsing.  It was a lovely spring day.  The sun was shining and I didn’t even take me coat (That’s how nice it was!)  My two sons paid for my purchases as a mother’s day treat and the hubby brought us all a spot of lunch.  So all in all a fine day was had!

Here are the shops we visited and some pics of the books I brought home.

Although you can easily get the train down from sunny Suffolk to Liverpool Street, we usually drive down to RedBridge/Newbury Park or Westfields, park and then get the tube in.

I had received some great recommendations from some lovely book loving twitter folk and had made a list of some different shops to go to.  Husband had taken a look and mapped out our route to take. (He’s a ferrocious planner!) So we jumped onto the tube and headed for Bond Street.

First Stop was Hatchards Piccadilly.

hatchrds 5hatchards 2

A lovely building and bigger than I thought it would be.  The staircase goes up and up with each floor holding a different selection.  I liked the Royal Crescent on display at the checkout and the framed pictures etc dotted about all over the walls.  The book I chose from here was a Penguin English Library copy of The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle.  No.2 son also made a purchase of another history book to add to his growing collection.

the hound

Continuing on, passing Waterstones Piccadilly we headed off to Cecil Court where you can find Goldsboro Books. Unfortunately they were shut for stock taking but we had a stroll up and down and had a little look inside Bryars & Bryars at the maps and some very old (and expensive!) books.

cecil court

Next stop Foyles.  Blimey it’s big!  Too big for me, didn’t quiet know where to start.  However nice helpful staff, although even with that massive selection of books they didn’t in fact have a copy of the 2 books I was after!!  Plus they could have done with turning the heating down a bit as it was too hot.  However on the way out I did spot a book I nearly bought before Christmas which they had at half price, so I got that instead.


After some much needed lunch our next stop was London Review Bookshop. A much smaller affair than the others and better for it.  Still a lot of choice and nicely laid out. They also had a very nice looking cafe/cake shop next door!



After a nice look around I choose a copy of Call Of The Curlew by Elizabeth Brooks.


By now the old legs were getting a bit tired and I think the other three had just about had enough of bookshops, so we headed down to My Old Dutch in Holborn for some tasty pancakes, then made our way home.  But all in all a lovely day out!

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