The Good Friend by Jo Baldwin

Book Review

the good friend

If only she knew what sort of friend I really am . . .

Once upon a time, Jenny and Kath were best friends. Or were they?

Their reunion after eight years apart – when Jenny pays a visit from Australia where she’s settled – begins as idyllic. But all too soon, things begin to unravel and once the past is uncovered, there’s no going back.

My Review

Jenny and Kath were childhood friends. Later along with Tom, Jenny’s boyfriend, they seemed to have become a firm group. However Jenny’s over competitive father thinks the best move is to emigrate to Australia in the view to further Jenny’s swimming career and Olympic chances. He wrenches Jenny to the other side of the world and she loses contact with all her friends.
Eight years later, with Jenny wanting to give up competitive swimming, we find her travelling to France to catch up and hopefully reengage with her old friends. She also has a few questions to ask……….

I enjoyed this book. It had me interested from the get go! Which is always a good thing.
It starts with a very suspenseful feel that keeps you reading on and apart from around the 50-70% mark for me , where it seemed to get dragged out a little with repetition of the same sort of events, I did fell it kept this going through out the book.
It is told with Jenny as our narrator and moves back a forth, from past to present, to enable the reader to get a really good understanding of the relationship between the 3 friends and also the relationships each had with their parents.
I wouldn’t describe it as others have mentioned as a thriller, more of a psychological drama, and an interesting one. I enjoyed the characters and I also liked the writing style of the author, a simple story but one well told that kept me engaged. I particularly liked the descriptions of sunny France. The farm and guest house stood out really well and I could easily picture myself there. I also enjoyed the other characters and felt they all played interesting parts in the book.  I found the ending a nice little twist.I will look out for future books from this author.
I would like to thank the publisher Red Door for automatic approval on this from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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