The Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffihs

Having not read anything by this author before, I thought I would try this one out. As a standalone novel, no previous knowledge of characters etc required!

I enjoyed the spooky feel of this book, set not only by the re telling of the story from long ago, but by the old part of the school and the disused factory overshadowing the home of the main character, it all adds to a gothic feel. I also liked that I read this at its release date and therefore exactly the same time of year as the book is set.

It is narrated by the 3 main characters Clare, Georgie and DC Kaur. Along with the narrative from the old story it changes from one narrator to the next, backtracking in time, so you see the events that have happened from 3 different view points. A nice twist on the usual multi person narrative.

I didn’t like the character of Clare much, but I got a sense that maybe I wasn’t meant to. I did enjoy the character of Harbinder and the exchanges she has with her DS Neil Winston.

I enjoyed reading this book, I liked the way it recounts the events, the pace it moved at and the gothic feel but I’m afraid I didnt much enjoy the ending. Felt a little flat.

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