Five Days of Fog by Anna Freeman

Book Review

Set in 1952 this book covers just 5 days of the time an almighty smog descends on London. Based on the real-life air-pollution event of that year, when an anticyclone pushed down all the smoke and pollution, creating a dangerous and poisonous smog. Severely reducing visibility and harming to health for many.

It follows The Cutter family a gang of criminals living in London. The focus is on the women, all strong and larger than life, living within a family with a strong hierarchy.

Ruby the current head of the gang is due to be released from prison but is in poor health. Her daughter awaits her return, longing to be with her mum again, but struggling with her part within this family of criminals. In love with a second cousin who has either chose to ignore all that goes on or has miraculously avoided it, she is planning her ‘escape’. But no one can ever truly leave and get away with it.

A great story of the extended family of a criminal gang of women living their extraordinary lives. Not only hiding behind the smog but also hiding secrets from each other.

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