The Colour of Lies by Leazanne Clannachan Book Review

Book Description

When Anna takes a job with a family whose niece is missing, she finds herself increasingly haunted by the mystery around her disappearance.

As rumours and gossip circle the family, Anna becomes obsessed with the missing girl. The more she learns, the less she knows who to trust.

But Anna has her own secret. She knows what lies look like – she can see dishonesty stain the air. Only her sister knows about her synaesthesia and how she can read emotions, even when people are trying to hide them.

Now suspicion is beginning to gather around the one man Anna knows to be innocent. She just has to find a way to prove it……


I found this a very atmospheric and fast paced read. I enjoyed the remoteness of the setting which added to the suspense of the story. (Although at first I didn’t realise it was set in the UK.) Coupled with the fact that Anna wasn’t always able to leave the house worked very well.

The story gets started straight away and all the characters are realistic and believable. I thought the idea of giving the character synaesthesia, where she can see peoples emotions by a coloured aura, was very intriguing. That sense I got of her secretly knowing if there emotional state fitted with what they were saying was very mysterious, almost like spying on someone or trying to catch them out.

The story was interesting and moved along at just the right pace. I read mine a bit at a time each evening which was nice as the time span of the story isn’t very long, so it felt like I was moving through the book at a similar time to the events happening. I also liked how each chapter was ending, leaving you eager to find out what happens next. Equally I think it would have also been enjoyable to read in one go (I wish!).

I couldn’t predict the ending yet there was no sense of being tricked. An great suspenseful read.

The Colour of Lies is released today!!

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