The Corset by Laura Purcell

Book Review

Firstly I am not going to start with the beginning, but with the end………………

Wow,Wow,Wow and more wow!! What an ending. The last few chapters are superb.

There now that really should be all I need to write…..but I won’t.

I read this book via The Pigeonhole App. You sign up, all free, and request books to read as and when they are released onto the app. (Be aware there are only so many spaces available for each book). Pigeonhole then send you a ‘stave’ a day. A stave is around 40min-1hours worth of reading. You read at the same time as others and if you want to can add/read comments at any part of the story. It’s a great way to read, savouring it bit by bit and too share with other readers if you wish to.

The story is in the main about a young girl called Ruth and the life she lives due to poverty. She is taken in by a seamstress called Mrs Metyard to work in exchange for her food and board, however , unknown to Ruth is about to experience a hell she could never have imagined.

I wasn’t sure at the start how much I would enjoy this book. I liked The Silent Companions but I didn’t seem to feel quiet the same buzz about it as some others did. However I found The Corset throughly engrossing. It is a very, very intense read, right from the very start. There are parts of Ruth’s story that are very graphic and horrific. I liked they way Dorothea’s story allowed a breathing space, if you will, between Ruth’s scenes and the way Dorothea’s part plays out at the end of the book. I particularly liked the way the ending ties these two together.

I don’t want to write too much about the storyline as I am afraid of giving spoilers but I do recommend this book. It is a strong, vivid and atmospheric read with very good research done into it’s historic setting. Something that Laura Purcell excels at.

Go read it now!! (And give pigeonhole a go too!)




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