A Double Life by Flynn Berry

Inspired by the real-life story of the disappearance of Lord Lucan I found this a very enjoyable and engrossing read.

Claire has had to live most of her life in the aftermath of an horrific attack on her mother. To make it even worse the prime suspect is her father who went missing that very night. Thirty years down the line and she is still obsessed with the fact that her father is still alive and that his friends helped him escape and know where he is.

I found this a fast paced, engrossing read which flips between the time her parents, from 2 different social classes meet, to the night of the attack to present day. It flows very well, using Claire as the narrator through out. I became very attached to the main character straight away and couldn’t put the book down. The sense that something bad is about to happen is constant and makes for a edge of your seat read.

I felt The author squeezed a lot into the book and even through the end solution was a reasonable small part of the book I didn’t feel the ending rushed, and felt it had a very satisfying conclusion.

I would highly recommend this book and loved the cover.

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