Book Review


VOX is a chilling dystopian novel in which the religious belt of America has taken over the country and elected into office a president and party who believes that the country will be better off by reverting back to 1950’s values (and then some) where women should only be allowed to look after House and home and become second class citizens to all men. In doing so all females have been fitted with devices that will send an electric shock through them if they speck for than 100 words in a day.

I will not tell anymore as I do not want to give away anymore of the story. But I would highly recommend you read this.

I found it alarming, thought-provoking and alarming. It made me boil with anger when our main character, Jean, “discusses” things with her eldest son. How close are we to something like this happening?

For me it is an interesting and intelligent novel. It touches on the effects of having no voice on a human being, on society and what growing up in that environment can have.

The second part is a fast-paced, brilliant thriller with lots of action; is this character really who you think they are?

I raced through this story and would highly recommend it goes straight to the top of your reading pile.

I received a copy of this book from the team at HQStories at HarperCollins

The pictures were all taken around Cardiff Bay.

Megan (Margaret) Watts Hughes was a Welsh singer/songwriter, scientist and philanthropist. She is recognised by sources as the first to experiment and observe patterns made from the resonation of the human voice. Somewhat appropriate?

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