Circe by Madeline Miller

Loved, Loved, Loved this book.

Madeline Miller has written something so different to anything else I have read this year.

I will admit I’ve never read any Ancient Greek literature before but it seems to me that this would be a great and far easier and more enjoyable way of reading about Gods and historical mythical characters and even possibly feeling that one could maybe tackle some of Homer’s poems.

A wonderful book with Circe a Mythological witch as its central character and using her long immortal life as a tool to include shorter stories of the wonderful characters she meets along the way, from her parents and siblings, mythical creatures and hero’s and villains she meets when she is exiled to the island of Aiaia.

An intoxicating, vivid and magical read that I cannot recommend enough. I urge you to get lost in this book and transport yourself off to an ancient world full of gods, monsters and magic.

A massive thank you to Metro Book Chat for my copy of this book.

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