OLD BAGGAGE By Lissa Evans


Old Baggage by Lissa Evans

Hadn’t read anything by Lissa Evans before but this book follows the character of Mattie Simpkins who was briefly introduced to us in her previous novel Crooked Heart..

Mattie was once a suffragette, jailed numerous times and this book catches up with her some years later still believing and fighting for the cause. One day she has the idea after meeting up with an old friend of setting up a girls club to educate and inspire young girls in readiness of them being able soon to vote. The story concentrates on this small group and its rival club (set up by the old friend she had met) who both meet on the Heath. The book follows Mattie, her companion ‘The Flea’ and Ida, my favourite character, a girl Mattie meets ‘by accident!’ and who later joins the club.

It’s a book that enables you to get straight into the story and has a lovely flowing writing style that passes seamlessly in and out of the current Mattie and her past experiences with the suffragette movement.

A great snapshot of a time and place and with wonderful humour and array of likeable characters.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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