Book Review

Meet me at the Museum

This is a lovely, tender and sweet novel, made up of letters (and e mails) written between two people who have never meet, living in 2 different countries.

After the death of her best friend, Tina, a farmer, married with grown up children in her sixties, reflex’s on her own life and decides to write to a Professor Glob in Denmark who, many years earlier, dedicated a book on the Tollund Man to her and her school friends. The professor is no longer alive but she receives a reply from Anders, the curator of the museum where the Tollund Man resides.

They continue to write, getting to know each other, telling stories of there lives and having conversations about things happening to them now, and touching on deeper more philosophical topics. This is a softly flowing book, no great twists or turns, but 2 people sharing thoughts and feelings with each other, and I felt with the the reader too. It reminded me a little of 84 Charring Cross Road.

A book to be read somewhere peaceful and enjoyed. Like I did.

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