Book Review. The Upstairs Room by Kate Murray-Browne

Loved reading this book, couldn’t put it down.
A great read, got my interest straight from the start. (Hate books that take a while to get into).
The story starts with a young family buying a new house in need of revenoration , they want to buy it as a family home but also as an investment. The husband being more keen than the wife. But straight away Eleanor , the wife, feels a strange atmosphere within the house and doesn’t like it at all right from the start. Her husband however is so keen she lets him persuade her its a good idea.
As soon as they move in things start to happen. **Spoilers**Eleanor find writing on the walls, things are moved, then she starts to feel ill whenever she is at home and her daughter starts to behave out of character.
You think this is going to be a supernatural novel about ghosts and strange presents but its more than that. It’s about the thoughts and feelings of the characters about their relationships, their life choice. Including Zoe the lodger they get in to help pay the mortgage. (Thought the husband was going to have an affair with the lodger, but he doesn’t, thank goodness, would have so been disappointed )
I liked how it wast just a ghost story. The author managed to blend in stories of the personal lives of all the characters, mixing their negativity of their personalities in with the negativity of the house. Was it them or was it the house??
It kept me interested though out, wanting to know what would happen next.
The ending is good with the author resisting the urge to end with some big ghostly finish. It’s a believable ending and a believable book.
A great read will look out for this author.
I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. IMG_0841IMG_0841

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