Swimming lessons book review

Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller

I really enjoyed this book. The author captures emotions, character and place extremely well. The plot for want of a better word is quite simple. Flora is called home by her sister as her father has had a fall and is in hospital. However you go on to learn that their mother disappeared some years before but that with no body Flora has never really admitted that she will never come back or in fact could be dead. The book is partly told in the present with the daughters and father and partly in two pasts told by letters written to the father but never posted.
I enjoyed the atmosphere and place of the book and the emotions felt were strong especially from Ingrid the mother
The only downside was that I read waiting to find out what has happened to the mother, will anyone find these letters, will Flora find any peace in regard to her mothers disappearance………….and didn’t …….in some part this was ok but did feel the ending was very abrupt as if the book was rushed at the end to finish it. Still, a book i would recommend.
I received a copy of this book from Netgalley

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