Superfacialist by Una Brennan

I have just finished using a number of products from the Superfacialist range of skin care by Una Brennan.  ( an expert who knows her stuff by the sounds of what I have been told by the internet and other bloggers!)

First up was the Vitamin C+ BRIGHTEN cleansing oil.   Loved it!  Smells good, nice thin oil easy to apply and emulsifies very easily with water.  But most importantly it removes make up including eye make up very well.  This will become a regular in my bathroom cabinet.

Next up the Vitamin C+ BRIGHTEN glow boost skin serum. What I liked about this was the texture.  Lovely and light.  It’s a white cream but very fluid and has a lovely orange scent.  Have noticed a slight change in the evenness of my complexion after using this.

Next was the Neroli FIRMING night cream. Not too thick for a night cream and noticed from first use that my skin was very soft come morning, I do feel like it’s still slightly noticeable on my skin when I wake thought (don’t know whether this is a good or bad thing). Nice scent very relaxing.

Last item in my little haul was the Neroli FIRMING intense facial serum. Clear(ish) consistency and again quite light.  used this mainly in the day but didn’t see much of an effect.  Same nice small as the night cream.

I have read some other good reviews for this range, particularly the cleansing oil, and will try some of the other products.  They are available from Boots or I believe she has her own website where you can also purchase from.

Take Care


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